yism in Stores now

  After countless shoots and COUNTLESS hour of work YISM Gear is now in stores. Although this is not the first run in stores, YISM is now here to stay holding it own against clothing like BBC, CDG, and Visual. With new strong backing and an amazing and creatve team YISM be one of the biggest and influential brands of 2017.


  Not only is YISM (YES I SHOOT MODELS) a clothing brand but it's a new outlet for creativity. Models no longer have to take picture to be featured in magazine that will never be seen. YISM give models new heights to aspire to.  Once a model becomes part of the YISM Brand they can now have the image worn around the world. This kind of exposure will only elevate the models brand.


  Right now you can find the brand in Fly Store across America, as they year progress YISM will be in over 100 store Across the USA and Canada.  If there is not a store near you no worries you can still order you shirts online.